Niche Websites

Niche Websites

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” – Bill Gates

DomainName.Partners strives to make the Internet a more powerful and beautiful place! One way we use is by creating niche websites which provide a clear service or product to people. The niche websites are presented here.

All things ai! is organizing the world’s information on ai (artificial intelligence) through crowdsourcing! It is an open source project where people can submit videos from the web or upload their own videos! is constantly evolving so be sure to check the website often! 

 learn more is a website dedicated to the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Think And Grow Rich was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill as a self-improvement book. 

 learn more is a tribute to Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. Many other investment books, like “The Intelligent Investor” are available from this website.

 learn more